Contributions to the Long-Term Programme of Work

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In the discharge of its mandate, the ILC proposes new topics that it considers ripe for codification and progressive development of international law for potential consideration in the future. The ILC primarily relies on its members to propose new topics in the Working Group on the Long-Term Program of Work. The topics must fulfill transparent criteria agreed in 1996 and notified to the UN General Assembly. Successful proposals must obtain the consensus support of members of the ILC on three distinct levels: the Working Group, the Planning Group, and ultimately, the ILC as a whole.

While inclusion of a topic on the long-term work program does not necessarily mean it will be taken forward, into the current agenda of the ILC (which determination is made using different criteria), it assists in enabling the ILC to accomplish its UNGA-mandated responsibilities under its statute.

Professor Jalloh has contributed the following two topics to the long-term work program of the ILC in only his first term on the ILC:

1. Universal criminal jurisdiction, 70th Session 2018 (English) (French) (Spanish) (Russian) (Chinese) (Arabic) – a representative group of States from all geographic regions formally and informally called for or supported the inclusion of this topic in the ILC’s long-term program of work.

2. Subsidiary means for the determination of rules of international law, 72nd Session 2021 (English) (French) (Spanish) (Russian) (Chinese) (Arabic)